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Airplay Mirroring Receiver Library

If you would like to add the functionality of Airplay Mirroring in your product, we have the right solution for you.


.Fully Support iOS10 and iOS6/7/8/9 Airplay and AirPlay Mirroring
.Available for many platforms
.Customizable to your needs
.Source code available for certain sections
.C/C++(when available)
.Verify the functionalities with standalone application
.Integration support available.
.Apple Airplay Mirroring Decryption included (library)
.Supports for iOS/Android/Windows/OS X/Linux/WinCE/QNX
.Supports 32-bit and 64-bit

Contact us

send mail to xindawndev AT gmail DOT com

XinDawn iOS Device Screen Recorder SDK On GitHub
Platforms iOS10/iOS9/iOS8/iOS7/iOS6
Version 1.0
Architectures ARMv7/ARM64/i386/x86_64
Release date 04/09/2016
Downloading https://github.com/xindawndev/RecordMyScreen-iOS9
twitter @xindawnfeedback
facebook xindawnfeedback@gmail.com
XinDawn Airplay Mirroring SDK For Windows On GitHub
Platforms Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Version 1.0
Architectures i386
Release date 08/09/2016
Downloading https://github.com/xindawndev/xindawn-windows-airplay-mirroring-sdk
twitter @xindawnfeedback
facebook xindawnfeedback@gmail.com
XinDawn Airplay Mirroring SDK For Android On GitHub
Platforms Android 4/Android 5/Android 6
Version 1.0
Architectures ARMv7
Release date 08/09/2016
Downloading https://github.com/xindawndev/xindawn-android-airplay-mirroring-sdk
twitter @xindawnfeedback
facebook xindawnfeedback@gmail.com
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XinDawn AirPlay/Airplay Mirroring Kodi/XBM Addon Downloading
Platforms Windows/Mac OSX
Version 1.0
Release date 03/23/2016
Default 7-day trial
Kodi/XBMC kodi-16.0-Jarvis
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